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On Monday night, I helped Tom (my b/f) write the beginning of his book; he had several parts already written. However he has had writer’s block for a few months now and as I give him the idea for chapter one his brain began to turn on and get out of sleep mode so to speak. As soon as I gat him the few sentences that I wrote down I could see his brain just grinding gears. His eyes lit up and he instantly got hyper as he began to pace allowing the ideas flow in his head. Then he began to shoot idea after idea so fast I couldn’t write fast enough. It was nice to see him so ecstatic over writing again.

He has trouble with the beginning his stories so I told him I would help him with chapter 1. (He knows I am currently working on two other stories and a few surveys as well at the moment.) We (my mom, Tom, and I) started about 1:30am and worked until 5am and worked on several pages of chapter that Tom was actually happy with. He even woke up yesterday still excited.

The thing is he wants everything huge—epic, and all of the word to be golden and perfect from the start all of the time. First of all that is very hard to do day after day, and secondly I can’t even write that well for my own book at times, how could I write that well for his work?

He wants to be famous of off his writing, but he doesn’t have much of his book really accomplished. He might have a total of 4 chapters including the chapter 1 that we are working on. The reality of the chance of fame, while still being alive without giving your right to a movie, is like a billion to one. Stephen King, Anne Rice and even JK Rowling all were able to make movies. . . that is where the fame came from, and they were all very lucky. (I know Tom is lucky, but my question is just how lucky?)

I am not going to burst his bubble. . . I like him as the hopeful dreamer: it keeps him positive and motivated.

Now I just have to break him away from the constant brainstorming and teamwork and have him start to work on his own so I can get my work done.

Aww. I think you're right. It's much nicer to be the hopeful dreamer (as I sometimes am, to my own embarrassment) than it is to feel like there's not a chance in the world (as I mostly feel). It could happen for him. Or it could happen for you. Or it could happen for both of you! Especially if he keeps writing and writing and writing.

If he gets published by a publishing company, of course, the first editor he finds is going to change his work a lot, anyway. :( I know that happened with JK Rowling. And then when she got rolling, she could make her own rules. Hence, less editing and her books got fatter and fatter and fatter. (I think she could have used some more editing, but that's just one gal's opinion.)

It's great that you helped him break his writer's block!!! :)
I appreciate the positive encouragement. We both want want to get our books published, and I really hope to someday. I am a dreamer, but I just wish I had more faith in myself and my work.

He does want to edit the book (exept for grammar errors). . . The thing is I know self publishing would be the best for him, but he really want it professional to have fame like JK Rowling.
I will say what I said in a recent article I wrote online, that there is no reason why you cannot make a living as a writer. No, you might not get signed by a publisher with a huge advance BUT the publishing industry is changing to such a degree that writers stand a better chance thorugh self and epublishing. I have some links for that I can dig up. Also, businesses need writers. Commercial writing can definitely feed you. If he is passionate about writing, then he should go for it. My passion is writing and I am listed as a writer-producer on the professional side of IMDB. (That means I am a 'little person' yet) It can happen. I write fiction and non fiction, copywriting, etc and I am just now going back to school to finish out my degree in Communications and Media and then transferring to finish out my four year degree in film.

Dare to dream the big dreams and never let anyone stop you or turn you away from those things!
We both agreed we are not doing self publish first. We are going to try and find a professional publisher, because I have seen too many people self-published and they have either gotten ripped off or they are selling their books for 15 to 20 for paperback just to make a profit. I will not pay more than 12 dollars for a paperback. I find those prices crazy. I can go to a book store and get a hard cover for 20-25 dollars: I am not paying 20 for a paperback.

I do you have a question: How can I protect the name of book series or a title of a book? I heard that titles are not copyrighted.
It has changed quite a bit since then, but I can understand your not wanting to self publish.

They say in the US you cannot copyright book titles really. However, I think it is different in places like the UK, I think that you can. What I did, is I wrote my manuscript, converted it into screenplay and then registered it with the WGA (Writer's Guild of Amaerica) West. It cost me at the time about $15, but I think it is $15 now. This way it is my working title, and chances are there won't be duplicates.
I really appreciate your helpful information. Once I get my novel completely typed out and printed (it's half typed and handwritten at the moment) I will have to register for WGA. My book is part of series that I am working on.
I meant to say it might cost around $20 now to register a work. They send you a certificate as proof so it helps if someone does get stroppy and try to lift your work.

Another thing to note, is if you have a screenplay that is adapted from a novel - sometimes they can form a symbiotic relationship and cam be a dream for a distribution team if you get a project funded, done, etc. That kind of preparation and work already in place can really help you on either front.
I used to write screenplays, but then I realize I like writing details, and I love talking about what the characters are thinking and the movations, so I realized I enjoy writing novel and stories more.

I will eventually go back to scripts I hope or possibly cowrite my books into scripts.

By the way if you didnt know Microsoft Word has a script template
Oh, well that is cool that you were writing scripts before. I think that having the dialogue side of scripts can help with novel writing, and I also believe that novel writing and the necessary details can help with making a much more visually interesting or viable screenplay.

When I grow up, I just want to be able to write as well as Diana Gabaldon (the 'Outlander series) does! ;)

I had heard that MS Word had that template, and it's a great way to get stuff put down. A few years ago, however, I ended up buying both Final Draft and Movie Magic's Screenwriting and Production Suite. Now, I think that the "industry" is going toward things like CELTX, which is a combo of online networking and scriptwriting / editing software. It's nice if you work on a team. It used to be free, but I think they are charging for it now. Which is not at all surprising.

I love to write dialogue, but it is very time consuming: I mean I can take hours to write a ten minute scene. I have the hardest time with the word "said" I feel I use it way too much. I have pages of other words, but if I focus on other words I lost track of what I was writing. (I also forget to change said when I edit sometimes.)
I had one full screen play completely finish that I wrote in my early high school years. I am published playwright as a play of my got staged in college. However it was difficult in editting it, but I learned a lot from that script writing class like how to let go of my work.

Just keep writing I am sure write as good as you can.

I heard of final draft and I also heard that it is 150 dollars last time I checked.
I think its perfectly okay for your b/f to dream about being a published writer.He might never get there but their is no harm in believing.
It's not bad to dream, in fact, I love the dreamer in him. It's the artistical temperament and ego trips that he gets when dreams that gets to me. (I am the greatest since sliced bread.)