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February Updates: Valentine kisses packed away

Top Headlines: Overwhelmed. . . moving is just too much.

I am overwhelmed. Moving is a bitch. We are dealing with HUD/HFA. (Government groups for housing issues)

·         We have to compare storage pricing.

·         We have to buy boxes.

·         We have to pack.

·         We have bribe, convince, blackmail, and ask for favors from friends to help us move (twice).

·         We have call ten dozen different numbers only to tell us to schedule a meeting with a counselor from the group.

o   We have meeting with people about whether or not we are qualified to got a house. I know we are qualified, but I guess they don’t.

o   After we fill out a million applications all asking for the same information, then we get background, credit scores, and probably FB statuses checked.

o   Then we wait and look for houses and hope we get approved before the house we want gets outbid.

o   Once we find a house we like and are approved, we then place a bid on the house and we hope no one out bids us.

·         Then if we get the bid, inspect the house, and get the group to approve it, we might get to move it.

These steps are hell within themselves, and the process can be as short as 6 months to as long as two years.

Health News

I’ve been having sleep issues. I either sleep for 10 or hours at time (if the cats do not interrupt my sleep) or I sleep in 4 or 5 hour intervals, which always come at the wrong time. I’ve been have weird dreams, where it would be better if I was better by myself than with people. Is my unconscious anti-social too?

I’m finally over my cold, but my uncle’s smoking gives me a horrible cough.

I’m addicted to soda-pop; I need to cut down. However my head freaks out that if I try to save my soda that everyone else is going to drink, so I have to drink it first.

I need to get back into shape.

Writing and Arts

I have been trying to edit but I’ve been so tired and overwhelmed from moving, organizing and dealing with my family that it has been hard to focus. I know time is running out.

Melzela Editing Goals

Chapter                                  Date Due

1                                              2/23     S
2                                              2/27     W
3                                              3/2       S
4                                              3/6       W
5                                              3/9       S
6                                              3/13     W
7                                              3/16     S
8                                              3/20     W
9                                              3/23     S
10                                            3/27     W
11                                            3/30     S
12                                            4/2       W
13                                            4/5       S
Total                                        4/13 Sunday

*W       Wednesday
*S        Saturday
Unless notified

Driving Lies (Writing/Finishing Draft 1)

Chapter                                                          Date Due (all Sundays)

6                                                                      3/3      
7                                                                      3/10
8                                                                     3/17
9                                                                      3/31
Total                                                                4/6

Crimson Shadow Collection Book 6 Deangelo

          Madeline Diary                                   3/24

Local Fun

We have been borrowing DVDs from the library and we are currently into Smallville. In fact, it’s now right now. I’m not really a Superman fan, but I have found that Lex Luthor’s character very interesting. (maybe I can just relate minus being worth the billions of dollars.)

Tom got a new computer to help his credit score. It is so fast, but worries me that I will not be able to keep up. I’m excited to get Sims 2: nightlife and pets installed on the computer.

Dear Me

Dear Me,

You are stronger than you know.
You are prettier than you believe.
You are younger than you feel.
You are capable of doing anything that you put your mind to.
Things will happen, on their own time.

Hang in there

Myself and I.

Laughter is the best medicine

Theme: moving

1.    Two moving van men were taking things into a house.
One said, “Joe, help me move this chest.”
Joe asked, “Why? Did miss Jones tell you to?”
“No.”, replied Tom.
“Then how do you know she wants it moved?” asked Joe.
“Because she’s under it.”

2.    One neighbor said to the other: “I saw a garbage truck driving yesterday. You never told me you were moving.”

3.    A man walks into his bedroom and sees his wife packing a suitcase.He says, "What are you doing?"

She answers, "I'm moving to Las Vegas. I heard prostitutes there get paid $400 for doing what I do for you for free!"

Later that night on her way out the wife walks into the bedroom and sees her husband packing his suitcase.

When she asks him where he's going, he replies... "I'm going to Vegas too. I want to see you live on $800 a year!"

Soap Operas

Well, we really have had much drama with friends or family as we have been focusing on moving. (Okay, maybe there was one good thing from moving.) We also had some issues with the cell phone. (So for those who wanted to contact us, but couldn’t I’m sorry. . . okay maybe not that sorry. I have learned to appreciate my own time.)
I haven’t talked to my father or my younger brothers in months; I do think about them, a lot. However I cannot keep living a double life and I do not think my father could handle who I really am. (He always talks about how women are broken/unbalance. It’s hormonal, but I think between living with a perfectionist (as he is),not working, but staying home (his own request), never doing things his way, and having household full of men that do not understand how a woman works throughout the month, it’s beyond overwhelming. I have so much held back emotion from acting like a robot in his house that I only have one good week a month, if I am lucky.)

Spiritual Edge

I am reading a spiritual book called Power Spellcraft for Life: The Art of creating and casting for positive change by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Part 2

On page 52, I got words that it asked me to define.

Right/Wrong (I have learned that not everything is black or white. There are many shades of grey.) I use one of my mottos to determine right or wrong: “Do onto others as you want other do onto you.”

Justice is living at least a day in someone else’s shoes. It is being honest with yourself and other. It is righting a wrong in a person’s life without purposely harming someone else. It preventing a wrong choice before it is made.

Rebekah’s News © February 2013

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