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Wrestlemania 29 April 7, 2013 *Spoiler*

Wrestlemania 29 April 7, 2013

Predictions (are in bold and underlined)

Rock Vs. Cena                                                         +1

Punk Vs Undertaker                                              +1

Swagger Vs. Rio                                                      +1

Triple H Vs. Lensar                                                +1

Orton/Shamus/Big Show Vs. Shield                  +0

Hell No Vs. Ziggler/biggie                                    +1

Jericho Vs. Fadango                                             +0

Miz Vs. Barrett                                                          +1

Ryback Vs. Henry                                                  +1


Miz Vs. Barrett

Miz fought Barrett during the preshow and many, including myself, were upset that they were not part of the show. I know they mention it during the shows, but I think they were just pressed for time and took the match off the card. I give it a D simply I wanted Miz to win, but since I didn’t see it I can’t grade them anymore.

Orton/Shamus/Big Show Vs Shield

The only reason the shield one was due to the fact that Orton and Shamus didn’t want to wrestle with the Big Show. I wanted Orton/Shamus/Big Show to win, but Orton crossed the Big Show. It’s funny the Big Show looks like someone Tom and I are acquainted with. I would give the match a C. I think the grade would have gone up if they had worked together, won and then took each other out.

Ryback Vs. Henry

I really don’t like Henry as a heel (bad-character). I think he is misunderstood, but cheating doesn’t make sense. At the beginning it took like cave man arguing on who got the bigger dinosaur. Ryback took a lot of pounding simply to wear Henry out, which was smart. However I think that Ryback is stronger than Henry, but I really thought that Henry was going to cheat to in. I also thought that Ryback was going to move a bit faster. Henry won and I give the match B-, because it still threw me for a curve.

Hell No Vs. Ziggler/biggie

I was impressed with AJ’s legs, but that was the only thing good on her. I really don’t like Ziggler, he just rubs me the wrong way. First he was a cheerleader for Vince and then he was with Vickie. Ziggler tried to mimic goat boy, but goat boy pinned him for a two-count at the beginning. I give the match B-, because the team I wanted to win, actually won.

Jericho Vs. Fadango

I don’t know what WWE was thinking when they hired Fandango. . . he just keeps dancing around. Is it for entertainment value? Come on, he dances when he should be fighting. . . did Vince hire him to please his political wife. This match is so corny that is making want to have an interest in MMA fights; at least they have blood within real fighting.
The match really annoyed me. This freakin’ drama queen stole a hold from Jericho. I am not a Jericho fan, but I am not happy that twinkle toes won a match. For entertainment value I give this match a C-.

Swagger Vs. Rio

I don’t like Rio and his announcer looks like a monkey. However I think that Swagger is just plain stupid. I was quite bored with this match.
I don’t know who is worst, it would be better if a third party knocked them both out. I was so disappointed that I give this match a D.

Undertaker Vs. Punk

I am so happy. 21-0. Undertaker won (and it shut Tom up for this year anyway. He kept razzing me about the small chance that Puck could win. HaHa he didn’t!)
Punk actually tried to win with a count-out that is just so low.
CM Punk tried to cheat, but Undertaker won in the end. (My voice went hoarse and I got a back spasm from freaking out.) I give the match a B+, because it was an awesome match.

Triple H Vs. Lesnar

I don’t think it is fair that Triple H was fighting for his career. I think that if you do a career match then both players are fighting for their career.
I also think Lensar does steroids. I want Lensar to tap.
I enjoy HBK being a distraction and him kicking Hamin for Triple H to win.

Normally, I would give this a B+, but Shawn Michael made it an A. DX Rules!

Rock Vs. Cena

What is up with the Rock and the damn bulls?
I’m not really into either wrestler. I think they need to choose movies or wrestling and stick with it. I just think that they are sell-out.
I also think That Triple H Vs Lesnar, or Punk Vs. Undertaker were more of main event matches.
No to mention there was a Cena near our table that her screams made my ears bleed. She sounds like someone is trying to kill her.
There were a lot of submissions. Good ending: the Rock was confidently waiting and Cena turned it around. I give it a C+.


The show was well done. I would give it a B-.
A few suggestions.
Divas bras and panty match.
There should be no count-outs in a wrestlemenia match.
Waitress shouldn’t have th right to add the tip in the main check.

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