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New Review Corner

I had an idea. . . I was thinking of making a small review corner on my writing blog. I have been reading the book The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing and it says to read my genre. However I have learned I write in several genres: Paranormal; Occult; Vampire; thriller; drama; and mostly Horror. My favorite authors are Anne Rice and Stephen King.

What I was thinking was to read short stories or pieces of novels and give them reviews on my blog. I thought that if maybe I review a few others, then others would see and they could review as well. When I ask for feedback, I want to know if my characters are likable, and relatable. I want to know if my story is actually interesting. As a story-teller and writer, I basically want to know am I really bringing written art to the world or am I just wasting time? I want to know if there are others who want to read my work. I will post my reviews on my writing blog

Fellow Writers. . . what I need for a review

  1. Title

  2. Pen name (Name you are publishing with)

  3. A link to the title, e-mail, or place where others can get your work.

  4. Webpages or other way that other people can ask questions about your work

  • I want no more than 50 computer pages 8×11. No more than 25,000 words
    (If it part of a novel, then send me up 50 pages of most interesting part.)

  • You can add a picture. (No more than what wordpress allows, my blog is on word press)

This is how I plan to write my review.

  1. Title and author

  2. I want to write as little as one to two or as much as four to five sentences of summary.

  3. Then I will write some about the character/dialogue.

  4. Then I will write something about the storyline.

  5. Extra notes: if it made me emotional or I was able to relate. If it has adult material I would mention it here.

  6. Rating of 1to 5 pages. (5 pages is like 5 stars or a grade of an A.)

  7. Link to actual story.

If you are interested please message me at or go to my facebook page

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