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May and June Update: Everything Under the Supermoon

Front Page: Melzela is finished.

Top Headlines: Book one of eight is finished.

I have sent out advertisements for beta readers for book one of my vampire series Crimson Shadow Collection. The book is called Melzela. I have been posting stuff about it on my writing blog I have gotten over 25 beta readers, which is awesome. I didn’t think I would get such an interest in it.
I think

Health News:

I have been really moody lately. I mean like I would snap without warning. I would like to believe that it was due to the fact I had a deadline to finish my book, so I could get my five free copies. (The funny part to that was I had to wait because of credit issue. Irony!)
I have been fine other than some heartburn, and a serious craving for ice cream.

Writing and Arts

Do you like vampires? Do you want a new book to read over the summer? Do you want your opinion to considered?

I am still seeking more beta readers for my book called Melzela. It is book one of my vampire series Crimson Shadow Collection.

Quote: There are four point six billion people living in the world today in the year of two thousand eight after the death of Christ. There are possibly hundreds perhaps even thousands of vampires dotting the landscape of the human world. This is the story of about seventy five or so of them. These are the stories of my sire Melzela and, her prodigy


Here is a book Blurb from Melzela:

Her mother told her epic stories, Melzela never thought she would be one!  She never thought she would travel, or be a spy. All she knew was she would do anything to find true love.  She left her family seeking the love and passion she had heard in her mother’s stories.

She ran into friends who would change her life. She showed them how to be street smart, and they demonstrated a love that she had never known. In her quest for love, she was transformed:  she was made to stay in the shadows and travel by the moon. She had to take life to keep living. She wasn’t going to allow the obstacles to stray her from her journey.

This was only the beginning of Melzela’s story. This was her personal piece.

If you are interested please message on my facebook page or message me.

Local Fun

Most of May and June, I was editing when I was awake. I am taking the summer off. Tom and I wanted to go to Cedar Point, but now I found out that they have a size limit. I am not paying $55 to find out that I may not be able to ride all of the coasters. It’s my curse for Tom liking all of my curves. We are both very disappointed. We do want to go to a few museums, and maybe we would explore Cleveland.

I have been playing my Sims. However I haven’t finished a storyline yet. I need to do that. I also need to get all of my achievements on Sims 3.

We have been watching a few TV shows: ER, Bones, Tru Calling, Dexter season 3 and Smallville season 9. Tom decided to get direct TV, so we are soon going to have 205 channels and nothing to watch. LOL

Dear Me

Dear Me,

Live life the way you want to, and be happy. If you are not happy, then the only person to blame is yourself.

Myself and I.

PS I sound like a fortune cookie. My favorite fortune: You will profit greatly from your original ideas.

Soap Operas

Well, there is always something going on at the house. Everyone has been fighting over bills and where what paperwork goes to. It just seem like everyone had been getting on my nerves so much easier lately. I know that it seemed if I did not tell anyone to leave me alone that once I got on the computer, they all seemed to flock over me. I really didn’t think that editing was all that interesting. In fact, to me editing is work, and I cannot stand that type of work.

I also feel that every time Tom and I tried to plan, something would fuck up our plans. This has really frustrated us.

I keep getting paranoid whenever I hear that my father is going to call. I just have this feeling he is going to do something drastic, and then my brutal past is going to repeat. I do not want him to control any aspect of my life: I want to do it all on my own without the hints or lectures. I want to make my own mistakes. I am sick of not experiencing anything and learning from watching from the sideline. I need to get into the game. I have been avoiding my father, because he wants to tell me what to do. . . starting with getting married. I do not believe in marriage: there has not been a married couple that I have seen (around my age) that are still together. I hate that I have to avoid the boys as well. I miss them.

Spiritual Edge

Friday was the Solstice and Sat-Sun was the supermoon (largest moon of the year, happens every 14 months). I believed that timing is a huge thing with the spiritual world. I think that it was very powerful Solstice, because of the moon. I did what I have done for that last three years. I wrote a release book: full of complaints, spells, worries, dreams, goals, and any on my mind. Then I burnt the book giving it to the gods. I released everything.

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