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Summer SLAMMMMMM 2013

Part 1: Summerslam 2013

Okay, it's only been an hour in and already I want to change the channel.

Pre-show Rating a D

(The rules show always be no DQ in Paid-per-view. This includes the pre-show. . . people are paying for this show, more than most ppv. I think WWE is very greedy. If you are charging almost $50 per show I want to see something for my money.)

If you are going to have a handicap at least put that on the real show. It's a cop-out when you half-ass it in the pre-show.

Never put a belt match during the pre-show. (Most bars, parties there is usually too much noise and you can't always hear the pre-show.)

Think about your audience especially if they are paying for the show.

The only reason why it didn't fail is because I like RVD. (However I don't like him getting manhandled by the shield.)

The rest of the show may not be in order. I'll be honest, usually I am very neutral when it comes to my WWE blogs, but I just don't care anymore. I feel that WWE has gone seriously down hill. (I mention this in part two.)

Kane Vs The Wyatts rated D

Ok, I see Johnny Cash rolling in his grave by using his song title “Ring of Fire” for that match.

The fire wasn't like any of the fire matches I have seen before. The flames just got in the way of the camera, and I felt that there was no danger. A match like that just made the wrestlers sweat and Kane sweaty isn't the best sight.

It was not worth paying for the pay-per-view. It was also too easy for the Wyatts to get in the ring. This needed more danger element. (I also think the handicap three vs one is just getting really old.)

The Mixed Tag Match rated a D

I'll be honest, I didn't really care about this match. In fact, I think Vicki (the one who probably made it happen. . . has no taste.)

It was a waste of WWE fans time. AJ is getting old (in both age and as a fad. I saw wrinkles around her eyes. Stress can cause aging.)

The only thing keeping it floating was Katilyn's hair and the fact that AJ did not win.

I understood that Rhodes won his match which I also give a rating of a D.

I wasn't a fan of either wrestler in this match. I just disliked Rhodes a little less. I couldn't stand the arrogant man, who thinks we're all stupid. What is stupid is being so “smart” and still wrestling the way he does. (How did the arrogant douchebag have the money in the bag?)
The only thing that saved the match was the fact that Rhodes stood up for himself.

The only reason I give a C to the entertainment in between in because the Miz punched Fandingo. <---I spelled that right. Wrestling doesn't need a dancing fruitcake.

I didn't even rate the diva match, because I so bored. The match didn't make me turn my head. I can do more with my barbie-dolls. I did like Medusa’s hair.

Christian vs Del Rio rated a D-

It went back and forth like a tennis match. Rio made me grade it down, because I only grade in English.

Best Vs Beast rated C-

First, I want to say that I cannot stand snakes like Heyman. If I could people like that on an island so they could screw each other, I would. (The last time an author did that the book Ten Little Indians (also known as Then There was None) was created.

Punk has issues (ever since the “sober and clean” act, he has had issues. I'm not saying do drugs. I'm just saying lighten up.)

Brock is an ape. (I'm sorry for the apes. Actually I think he is one of missing links between us and monkeys.)

I also think if you break more than one bone (on purpose), then you should not be able to fight with WWE. (I love violence and blood as much as the next person, but purposely breaking bones is not the way to win the match. This is for entertainment. If Brock wants to break bones then he needs to go back to fighting. He almost broke Punk's arm; I'm just glad that Punk was able to counter it.)

The fact that Punk could have had won, but Heyman (who I have never really seen wrestle) got in the way. . . has made me turned off to WWE. (I guess I'll just have to stick to TNA.) I know Heyman is a dochebag (to put in the nicest way possible), but Punk needed to get over himself. (I agree that Heyman needs a beating, but I think only way it would work would be in the parking lot. Just make sure the camera is rolling and Heyman had touched him first.)

The thing was for such a huge match. . . it was predictable. . . my brother, uncle and boyfriend all said that Punk was going to dive for Heyman and be nailed by Brock and that is exactly what happened. (However I think WWE could make a documentary on this storyline alone. . . Punk vs Heyman and how Heyman always just pulls his guys along until they get sick of him over their shoulders.)

Cena vs Bryan (AKA goatboy) with Triple H as guest ref rated a B- (the highest rating all night. It's sad. It would have been A-/B+ rating if there was no DQ.)

I was happy that Bryan won. I just feel once a wrestler start acting he just acts different. I feel Cena hasn't been the same since he start acting. I liked him when he was doing the rap thing and trying to prove himself. It's like now that he is at the top of mountain. . . there isn't the same spark in him anymore.

I will be honest, I am not a fan of the beard. However I do see a spark in Bryan than WWE needs. . . it's like a hunger. This hunger is what is driving him. (Triple H sees it in Bryan, but doesn't Vince?)

I thought that Triple H was very fair as ref during this match. However I have no idea what happen when Orton showed up. I never saw him knocking Bryan out. (Is Triple H turning heel? Is this a good thing?)

Bryan vs Orton rated D

I would have given it a much higher rating if Bryan was not knocked out. I also thought that Orton was just being stating that he was there. I just felt that it was wrong on how he won the title belt.

Overall this show gets a D. . . that is barely passing by school standards. (In fact, my parents would ground me if I got a D, so I think Vince should be grounded.)

I was completely disappointed for all of the hype that Summerslam gets and to have it turn out like this. I think I'll have to step away from WWE for a while. They just are not doing it for me anymore.

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