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I tried to make this one entry, but livejournal has a word limit now.

Part 2: WWE is going downhill (fuck that, down a mountain) at record speed

1.    The cliques. The groups of three is just plain stupid. It seemed like if you're not a group, then you can't wrestle. (However 9/10 out on ten on the ring it's one on one even with tag-teams.) I just feel the groups, remind me of the immature cliques there were in high school. I really think these wrestlers are bit more immature than that.
(I mean DX was a group, even Kane and Undertaker got together, and Edge and Christian, but each of those wrestlers can hold their own. I just feel the cliques we have today are making the wrestlers weaker, not supportive.)

2.      Divas. I have no idea where to beginning with these barbie-doll wannabes. I prefer TNA girls over WWE any day of the week. These girls look like they are afraid to get hurt or even break a nail. (If you want to act and model, then get an agent and go to Hollywood, but if you want to fight, then really fight.)
They don't fight like girls, they fight like mice. I want more hair pulling, more ripping off clothes, more grudges, more nail slashing etc. Play clean, play dirty, just play rough. (Rough is hot!)

3.      It lacks the humor that it once had. (DX was hilarious and so was Cena when he was trying to prove himself.) We need a few more new guys to come in and add some humor. They need to make the show fun again.

4.    Politics and Wrestling do NOT mix. (Politics suck in general, because no one plays right. In fact, poltics doesn't go well with anything. It's like an orange and green polka-dot shirt that doesn't go with anything.)

1.    Political correctness has no place in wrestling. We are not trying to be polite. We are trying to entertain!

2.    It doesn't matter if you are black, white, purple, tall or short. . . all that matters is that grapple and pin well. (Yes, there many other moves, but wrestling started with the simple pin.)

3.    Because of Politics. . .

1.    Wrestlers cannot cuss. (However you piss me off more if you cuss. I think it adds to their spark.)

2.    I haven't seen a decent bra and panties match. (Sex sells.)

3.      I haven't seen much blood and decent violence. (Bloody violence sells.)

5.      Vicki is old news. In fact, the show managers are not doing much for the shows, but messing them up. I do believe there should be women in involved, but I think both shows “Raw” and “Smackdown” need an overhaul.

6.      I think it need so freshness to the show. . . it need newer guys with more spark and less arrogance. They to run into the show ready to earn something, not walk in the show thinking they deserve something.

Part 3: My favorite top ten wrestlers (that at one time was on WWE)

1. The Undertaker (I’m sad that I usually only see him once a year and then he is gone.)

2. Jeff Hardy (I know he is at TNA now. I love his high flying stuff and his artistic image.)

3. Edge (I hope his neck heals. I think he should train a guy other than Christian and get them in the ring.)

4. Shawn Michaels (I think he should also train new men for WWE, he knows the ropes.)

5. Triple H

6. Hulkhogian (Co-owner of TNA, which is doing better than WWE.)

7. Matt Hardy (He and his brother Jeff have an awesome show called The Hardy Show

8. CM Punk (I liked him before the “sober and clean” phase. After that phase he just got too preachy.)

9. Orton (I liked him after legacy, but before he decided to go heel to get the belt).

10. John Cena (I liked him before he started to act in action movies.)

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