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Walking Along my Path. . .

My ideas are written.

13 December
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Hey what's up my fellow readers? I hope you are having a nice day.

I am a bi-curious, white, hot-blooded female. I enjoy the romantic company of men, but I am trying to find a few females to help me with a few fantasy experiences. I get along better with men. I can laugh with men. I can hang out with men. Women have too much drama, but please prove me wrong. I am looking for women that will not cause drama and then put me in the middle of it, gossip about and stab my back in the end. Are there some awesome ladies my boyfriend and I can hang out with?

I am a sweet person who deserves respect.
I am fair, or at least I try to be as fair as I can be.
I am friendly, and I can be flirt.
I am a nice person who wants everyone else wants. . . to be loved.
For once in my life, I am happy with who I am.
If you don't like me, then I'm sorry about your lost!

I am posting new and old blogs as a few of my writing sites have closed down . . . sorry if some of the work is outdated.
Some of you might noticed that I have posted comments on your blogs. . . one of my 101 list for 2010 is to comment more. I am only to the R's on my friend list so I will be commenting the other blogs throughout this next week. If you are reading my blogs and we are not friends, for some reason or another, then I want you have an awesome and productive 2010!

Please read my blogs and enjoy: feel free to comment.

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